COVID 19 Updates

Belleville Main Street and COVID
This year has been a challenging year for the businesses of downtown Belleville. As the State of Illinois is passing through the various stages of COVID restrictions, please know that our businesses are open and ready to serve you!

We do ask that you wear your mask at this time to help mitigate any further spread of the COVID19 virus.

In general, restaurants are open at partial capacity inside, with patio seating, street seating, and take out available; and retailers are open in many different formats. For a list of our member businesses, their open status, and links to their business websites or Facebook pages, please click here.

As you are very much aware, small businesses were hit very hard by the COVID closures... we need to see you downtown supporting our businesses more than ever!

We do ask that you practice common sense social distancing practices, and be prepared to wear masks inside.

We hope to bring back our usual events beginning in July, so please check back!

In the meantime, please support all of our local businesses which serve as the backbone of our downtown.